Interval promises you will have a place to stay for your vacation, but whnever you call they never have availability, even on 3 different places in the world!!!!!They apologize and offer you to place a request if in case of a cancellation, but it has to be 90 days in advance, and to place a complaint it's with the same woman that is talking to you that does not give a flip about your problem.

Now I am stuck with no place to book and a possible ruined surprise for my husband 50 th.

birthday.Interval International needs to acquire some ethics and stop ripping off people.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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The thing i've noticed about II, and RCI for that matter, is that if you search their getaways you'll find almost any week at the resort you desire.However, if you want to do an exchange, you are SOL.

Even when you log into your account, the first thing they hit you with are the getaways. Their catalogs are geared around you buying getaways.

Luckily, one of mine was a time limited week, and it expires next year.

Good riddance.Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of the other worthless week.


you should be booking farther in advance, if you are calling them less than 90 days from when you want to go, you're an ***.these things have to be planned out.

they are one of the biggest exchange companies in the world for a reason, so yes, their resorts are pretty full. you need to be calling farther ahead.

too bad.that is not their fault.

to anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #715270

I am attempting to book 2 years out and there is almost nothing available. The 4 or 5 places that are available are in the cities I own in and regularly visit. Also, during the time when everything is off season and you don't get a chance to experience very much.

to anonymous #830853



We own two deeded weeks at two different resorts in Orlando, that we would be glad to give away if someone will just pay the cost associated with transferring the deeds and the maintenance fees owed to each resort.Any takers?

We originally bought at each place to use the exchange capabilities. Our kids are grown and we haven't used our weeks in several years.

Both resorts are really nice if you don't mind traveling to them year after year.As far as exchanging, it's too much work for me and kind spoils the fun of trying to take a vacation!

to Jane Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #904056

If you still have and want to do this I'm interested!


I really haven't had any problems booking with II (as long as I plan several months in advance) and call in to make a request.My issue is the short stay exchanges.

I haven't been able to get that to work.

Does anyone know what the promo code is to upgrade the membership?I know I had one mailed but wasn't ready to upgrade and I can't find it.


I agree!!!!

Get me out of Timeshare.

There is NEVER any availability, but (as commented by others) lots of Getaways....we have already paid over the odds for Management fees, II membership. Why do we want to pay more. No one has really convinced me how this works.


I belong to I.I.too[since 83 so I know alot about using the systme] and have recently had high pressure put on me to convert to the point system.

We have 1 week/deeded property in Kissimmee. Here's my take on why we are all having so many problems getting trades. When others are on the point system they have multiple weeks and begin to "suck up" our availability.

As more and more get on the points system the rest of us will find less and less we can trade for.Just a thought!!!!


Interval International is an Exchange Company.Everyone here seems to think they have hotels just sitting there.

well guess what. If you bought a week in October and now want to trade for a Red week New Years week then you have to work at placing a request. Interval has to rely on members depositing their weeks to be able to confirm you.

Once weeks are deposited in the system they are matched to members that have been on a waitlist for a year or more.Calling in will never get you instant gratification and if you are not willing to place a request then Exchanging is not for you.

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