First, the only positive comment I have is the front desk staff is very friendly and hospitable. We exchanged one of our Marriott weeks for this property so our expectations were for a comparable value. Interval International offered this property and I will be following up with them.

Rooms are dark and dated. Actually everything on the property was dark, and creepy. The majority of their units are townhouse style with 2 bathrooms both on the upper floor, so you have to climb the stairs each time you have to use it. The front desk staff was very accommodating and had an early checkout on a one floor unit which they made available to us. After taking the room, I might guess why the previous guests checked out.

Was warned that the room we were assigned had a critter that visited the balcony each morning. They said they believed one of the guests had fed it carrots, so it kept returning! I was expecting a lizard, gecko type of critter. I opened the drapes first morning and found out what the front desk meant by critter. Spouse took a quick photo and drapes remained closed for the remainder of the morning. Next day, we found said critter on the patio again only this time he had his face up to the door looking in probably wondering where his carrots were. This scared the *** out of me and the drapes remained closed for the rest of our stay. As we walked to the pool area, my husband saw another larger version of our balcony critter but didn't point him out to me knowing I would faint. Also, warned that you don't hang out near the smaller pool after dark due to raccoons that like to take it over and scrounge for food.

Rather than providing bars of soap, shampoos, etc they had dispensers on the walls in both shower and bathroom sinks. Hadn't seen these since my college days in the dorms! Pool towels were small, and looked like they had been provided by a hospital equipment company. All linens, towels, etc were poor quality, stained or old.

The resort itself was located on the opposite side of the island from Duval Street where most of the island activities, restaurants and shopping are located, hence you had to drive to that area. Once there the parking situation was dismal. We ended up parking in a lot about 3 blocks from Duval for an outrageous cost of $30.00 for the evening. After several evenings that can add up!

We couldn't handle the critters, the dark and old property, and the parking cost to have dinner each evening so we checked out early. If you like old, worn properties and don't mind a creepy huge iguana on your balcony every morning you might like this place. I know I won't return!

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Oooh I'm rodent friendly and so not lizard, but that guy is cute!!!! I would be thrilled going on vacation and having something like that come to my door, I would give him some veggies or a snack too..that's awesome!!!

San Francisco, California, United States #870451

I actually think wild animals like this make for an AWESOME vacation & experience as well as a wonderful humorous memory! So your "negative" review was actually a VERY POSITIVE review for me! (The irony!) Thank you for your review because this just "upped" the desirability of this place ten-fold for me =)

to jenn San Francisco, California, United States #870458

Oh - By the way, What The Heck Do You Expect When You Travel To An Area That Is NOT A "Concrete Jungle"? C'mon now...Are we just being A LITTLE too complainy (NOT a word but everyone gets my jist, right?) & HIGH-MAINTENANCE?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #826137

I'm Sorry but that Iguana (or w/e) is awesome, I would have seen that as a perk. They're nothing to be afraid of.

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