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Hurricane Irma approaching Florida flights are cancelled on 9/8 a state of emergency called by Governor Rick Scott. Interval International will not refund or credit my timeshare week on 9/8-9/15.

This is indecency please file Better Business Bureau Complaints. This company must be held accountable I have been a member for 20 years and this is a natural disaster. Have a heart what kind of company does this in the time of possible devastation to the state. Please do not recommend this company to anyone.

My 2oth wedding anniversary was ruined by Interval International's inability to understand a state of emergency and credit a week from a loyal customer. It takes a lot for me to complain but I should not be charged a rebooking fee for a catastrophic event.

Review about: Interval International Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I'm in the same boat. We were booked into Orlando the weekend the hurricane hit.

They "allowed"us to retrade and we had to repay our exchange fee. Now my brother was booked into Puerto Rico on a Guest Certificate and I'm getting the same song and dance.

I wrote them an email after my Orlando fiasco and rec'd this reply...

"We are very sorry that you feel this way and do try to accommodate

during this difficult circumstance due to the storm. Since the storm was

something that none of us was expecting, we were only advised to allow

retrades for upcoming reservations even past the 7 day check-in deadline.

This is normally why we recommend travel insurance during hurricane season to make sure that if this occurs, that you are covered. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 1-855-352-5477."


Same can you go to an island (St Maarten) that is 70% demolished...hotel cancelled

all reservations....we should not be punished because they cancelled. If they had accepted our

reservation we still would have went.

Interval charged us the $400 fee again. American airlines

was great and did not charge to switch our tickets to fact they gave us each a $200

credit voucher.


Unfortunately that's why they try to sell you their trip protection. April of this year my husband booked a flight and timeshare in Portland Maine.

He purchased insurance on resort but not airfare. Well the airlines announced they would be cancelling flights on the day he was flying in. So he cancelled. The airlines gave him credit, with NO Insurance and we had to argue with Intervals Insurance and got reimbursed in August.

Somewhat redundant tho.

Paid approx $480 for both resort and Insurance. $240 was credited back; we still lost $240 for insurance policy


Same situation here. No refund of exchange fee.

Have to pay another $189 just to extend the exchange for 12 months, then have to pay the exchange fee if we actually manage to find a trade that works for us. By the way, this was a 2019 unit that I exchanged, so even if I pay the fee to extend, I lose years off my exchange time. Not to mention I had to pay the maintenance fees through 2019 to use this unit. This was a very carefully planned and timed vacation, the first in 26 years without the kids for my husband and I.

Even if they won't refund the exchange fee, at the very least I would expect to have my unit available to exchange for the original time period through 2019.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this company treats it's customers so poorly. Buying this timeshare has been my biggest financial regret sincewe bought it ten years ago.


I agree they are doing the same to me sept 9th to 16th wont credit the fees i paid and an upgrade fee they can care less. airline gladly gave me a refund not interval they suck.

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