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We have been a member of Interval since 1996... Services has changed without accommodating the customer..

It is almost impossible to get your choice of destination even with a year in advance fees paid etc. We are a Platinum members and a person would think the more money you put towards the membership you would receive a vacation spot of choice but this never happens even with a year advanced notice. Why is it so hard for members to get their choice of places to go?

What happened to customer services representing the buyer? After all the comments from other customers I hope Interval see these and will reevaluate their program and start helping us paying members.

Review about: Interval International Platinum Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Are you a fixed-week, floating-week, or points member. I find it extremely difficult to exchange, and I own a combination of fixed-weeks and floating weeks.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1306511

I agree that it's next to impossible to exchange anymore . .

. .unless you want to go to a 30 year old run down resort. When we purchased our timeshare back in the early 90's we were told all of the resorts were 5 star resorts . .

. . . while some are nice, they are nowhere near a 5 star!!

If they are an elite property, you will never be able to trade into them. That is unless you are willing to pay for the mandatory all-inclusive meal plan. Which I'm also EXTREMELY disgusted that every resort seems to be turning into an all inclusive. Some of the mandatory rates can cost $5,000 or more a week per couple!!

I couldn't eat that much food in six months!!!!!!!!! What's the point in owning a timeshare so you could get a condo with a kitchen then? You're better off just doing a straight booking through a travel agent. At least that way you aren't also paying your deposit and maintenance fees!

You are right - they don't care about making their customers happy.

I think I would do better to just go ahead sell my timeshare and get the $100 I could probably get for it and look at some of the hotel vacation club memberships! So much for being a lifetime member!!

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1296791

I recently booked a once in a lifetime trip to Punta Cana. I have been a member since 1992.

I had a voucher for renewing that I wanted to use and the only resorts available were all inclusive. I was told that the all inclusive would be $125 a day. I agreed to that and paid my fees and plane reservation. I printed out the documents and found that during my dates I would have to pay for two people.

I called Interval and was told there was nothing I could do and I was stuck with it. I was mislead as I went into detail about not being able to take anyone with me as there was only one bed. I never would have agreed to the extra $875 on top of everything else.

My only recourse is to discontinue their services in the future. Talk about misleading and deceitful operation.

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