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They were unable to fulfill our 2016 request despite putting it in almost a year in advance and giving them a holiday week in Aruba. Called to book that same unit for 2017, customer service was rude and looking to now charge another $198 ON TOP of what we already pay for. They changed their policy in July of 2016, was not notified in any way and will not grandfather us in. They got to use our unit without the fee. Doesn't seem fair. Money... Read more

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I hold a Club Interval Gold membership (points) with II. Last year at an owner update I was offered and application for an II Visa. The hook was that you can redeem rewards points to cover you membership fees. It says that today on their website offer for the card I have. What they do not tell you is that CIG memberships are not part of the rewards. Very few people at customer service are even aware of how the program works and that CIG... Read more

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For 3 years, attempted a exchange. Have prime Marriott in Orlando, pretty bankable. Just wanted to get to a decent US location like South Carolina, or Vail, or Park City. Prime season choices don't come up unless you get the booking 6 months to a year early. Want peak season winter for a ski resort - forgetaboutit. Places like Hilton Head never come up - ever. They tease you with a new South Beach or Manhattan time share, and I pay for... Read more

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My in laws gave us a week of their timeshare. We thought that if we liked it, we could buy one. OMG every single call was handled by extremely inefficient people. At every turn we were charged *** fees and finally we arrived at the resort and our name wasn't there (but they charged us $60 to change the reservation from my mother in law to our name). It's not fair to start a vacation like this! Please DO NOT get involved with this company. They... Read more

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i deposited my 2016 week on 2015 after paying my maintainance. when i checked back this year, i noticed my 2016 week was not able to be traced. i spoke with shawnee river supervisors and claimed that my 2016 was never deposited but my questioned is how come it couldn't be traced through interval international. i feel like no one should assume that it was never deposited since interval international could not even find my 2016 week anywhere. i... Read more

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1 week exchange at Mayan Palace, Riviera Mayan, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Beautiful resort, food great, people nice with 5 hotels. But Interval stuck us in the dump of the resort and continue to rip off members with rundown properties. Midget TVs with heads cutoff, shower head coming out of wall, air conditioner rattling, and above all mold smell permeating the room which made my wife ill after we got home. And the rep pestered us twice to... Read more

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Been a member for way too long! They NEVER HAVE ANYTHING AVAILABLE for exchange. The only places they offer are places that you would never consider. They just take your money and offer nothing in return! For several years, I just pay astronomical fees and constantly give my exchange week back to them... Cause there is never anything available. THIS HAPPENS YEAR AFTER YEAR! If you buy into this company you are just donating your money to them! I... Read more

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This is the worsed hotel we have been too And they said it was 5 stars resort

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I requested Ocean Watch Aug 2015 and sent 134.00 for the request I was told I was on a priority list till today I have no availability for the 2 week dates I requested at this Marriot or any other hotel.I wonder how much money in intrest that Interval is investing from all the request fees that they have, and are not getting the vacations that are being requested i think some news channel should look into this scam i will futher this complaint... Read more

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Be sure to file your complaints about this company with Better Business Bureau (company HQ in FL). In the time to post to this site, you can also post your complaint to BBB. And always vet a company before investing. Save yourself the money and the headache, and pay it forward by filing complaints for someone else to see your experiences. The sales experience is to pressure you to make that decision right then and there - without benefit of... Read more

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