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Be sure to file your complaints about this company with Better Business Bureau (company HQ in FL). In the time to post to this site, you can also post your complaint to BBB. And always vet a company before investing. Save yourself the money and the headache, and pay it forward by filing complaints for someone else to see your experiences. The sales experience is to pressure you to make that decision right then and there - without benefit of... Read more

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DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO THIS COMPANY. BEWARE! COMPLETE FRAUD. Got a random phone call from this company that just lied to get your credit card information over the phone. I fell for this hard and now I've learned to just hang up and never deal with these type of people. They just stole $800 CDN from me by lying through the phones saying they would extend the offer without charge and then calling back saying that they never said that.... Read more

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No Standards required to put resort in the exchange. Sunset Point 1 at Still Waters Resort in Dadeville, AL. hasn't had an update probably since it was built many, many years ago. Critters have chewed holes through the siding, the steps and front porch is rotted. Black, yes black, porcelain tubs, sink, toilet and bidet! Brass fixtures and mirrored walls in the whole master bath! Furniture is old and falling apart. No windows have screens, and... Read more

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Upset with Interval international timeshare exchange. Took out the insurance for possible need to cancel and rebook. When I needed to use it was told I has 2years to rebook. Not true. I lost $175 exchange fee plus $49 insurance cost plus my $650 maintenance fee because of a detail they forgot to tell me on the phone. You need to rebook before the week you cancelled!!!!! BEWARE. Add comment

Just had the misfortune to listen to some of the sales patter when on holiday at costa teguise in lanzerote. They got unpleasant when I made it clear I would not be sighning anything on the day calling me *** and narrow minded. Do yourself a favour and stay well away from this appauling company. Add comment

This company has poor choices for vacations, and will not work with you if you have to cancel due to any type of emergency, even if you have travel insurance with their partner. The two of them bounce you back and forth, and you lose all your money. What a scam. Add comment

Exchanged to Bay Gardens St Lucia. We were surprised to see it on as exchange and no all inclusive sign next to resort like it is when it's posted as getaway. So we thought foolishly we got lucky and grabbed it, our first mistake. The resort had no reservation for us and decided to charge us over $2000 for meal plan? Or Getaway? We are still investigating but one thing for sure II has probably scammed us out of over $ 2000 they cannot be... Read more

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This company should be closed down for ripping off consumers as they steal not only from their customers but also from those who are not in their market ~ they find credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc and sign people up who do not even have a time share and even place fraudulent liens on homes and property ~ close them down now ~ really you should close them down now to keep them from stealing from others, including you out there reading... Read more

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This request was finally filled, but was filled incorrectly on the date. Very disappointed with Points with II. We have called them repeatedly and nothing. Our call today was really disappointing. They told us it had been filled. However, in checking it out, they filled it to the wrong date. We had to cancel this long term request. Not Happy!!!! We have previously used their system and it worked but this time it sure did not... Read more

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We own several weeks through Starwood and have traded them in to interval in years past to get more diverse locations for some of our family trips. The quality was always lower but there were a lot of options. Over the past couple of years we have found that we can almost never find availability literally anywhere during normal travel seasons. We have put high value weeks into intervals inventory and are sitting unable to book anything at all... Read more

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